Value of Certification in IT

Certifications prove that you are an expert in a particular field, capable of creating, developing products and solving problems. IT Certification programs ensure the competence of professionals skills and knowledge. Basic level of certification courses ensure that you have basic knowledge about a particular equipment or software. Professional level of certification courses proves advanced level of expertise in a particular field. Companies and Organisation consider certifications as an important criteria to ensure that the candidate has the understanding and skill set to meet their requirement. Certification Courses definitely help the Resume stand out than a Resume only with schooling and graduate details.

Increase your visibility in the Job Boards and Interviews with a column for Certification Courses in your Resume.

Also, you shouldn't stop doing Certifications once you landed in a job. It is very important to upgrade your Resume often with new certification courses for better recognition and keep growing with better new opportunities.

How to Choose a Certification Course?

Find out what you are so passion about and how you want your career to be. For an example, if you like Networking and want to land in a networking job, then consider starting with Network+ and then CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to make your resume eligible for Jobs in Networking. You may read about all basic terms and wrote examinations about Networking in your Graduation studies. But Certifications are dedicated platform to help you discover basics and more importantly, practical sessions and experiences that will save time and money for companies. It makes the training tasks easier for companies that hires you, that is why they mention the required certifications in job listing. So increase your hiring chances by obtaining certification courses on any specific field that looks promising with growth opportunities.

Security Certification Courses at W3CERT

We are one Dedicated Team providing Security Certification Courses and Services for clients across many parts of the world. We don't just stop by offering Certification and Training programs on Security, we also provide services to secure users computers, websites, applications and web servers. Security is one domain that gets updated every second. New vulnerabilities and exploits found by hackers, security researchers and experts every day. It is important for Application Developers, Website Designers & Developers to know more about Security to prevent putting their clients in Risks. Understanding and whats going on in the security world is essential for developers these days to provide quality services.

We guarantee you that our Certification Training program will give you best insight into the field of Computer and Internet Security. You will be seeing updated tools and all the necessary basic terms and techniques to protect you and your environment from Online Threats and Security problems. You will follow best security practices once you complete our Training program.


We are about to launch our Batch 11 in January 2015. Registrations are Open Now, you may Register for W3CIS PRO Certification Course Program from the following link. If you have any queries feel free to contact us anytime.